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  The battle for talent is fiercer than ever, so companies are working harder than ever to keep their key players. Gone are the days that a signed offer letter means a search is “closed”. In fact, ensuring a successful exit can sometimes be the riskiest part of a...

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  INTRODUCTION There’s no question that joining a new company and going through the onboarding process at a time when everything and everyone is “virtual” is a wildly unique experience—one that most of us are not accustomed to…yet. In the scheme of things, evolving best search practices to run...

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Companies in today’s ultra-competitive tech job market have a hard enough time just hiring top-tier executive talent. But now, they’re also having to deal with increasing “flight risk” – in which new hires turn down a job they’ve already accepted or, worse yet, join the company and then quickly...

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First Posted on mercurynews.com Edition  09/20/2013 08:19:09 AM PDT MILPITAS — FireEye’s initial public offering grew in size at a dramatic rate in the past week, but Wall Street wasn’t done increasing the price for a piece of the Silicon Valley security software firm. After pricing shares more than 40...

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