Why Us


A senior professional’s personal attention is what you get on every search from start to finish. Whoever books your search, completes it and personally drives it to closure. Few, if any of our competitors can honestly claim this.


Your search is unique. Our approach treats every search as a new and unique project, no matter how many times we have undertaken a similar project in the past. Your search is unique!


We represent very high quality clients. We only take on business we can personally get excited about, and we pass on that authentic enthusiasm and passion to the candidates, without over-hyping. This balance of excitement and professionalism is unique to our approach.

Clients First

The candidate community knows our firm as one associated with winning people and companies. We measure ourselves by the success of our candidates and our clients. It’s all about our clients!


We invest more in sophisticated research and market mapping than any search firm on a per project basis, by far. Every search project has an assigned research analyst. These are brilliant, hungry, highly motivated young superstars in our firm who graduate from top schools and are passionately intellectually curious.


Our machine is second to none. It’s tight, it’s iterative, we run the most metrics oriented process of anyone in the industry, and we run it with a high sense of urgency and precision. The way we approach searches is very much like a Navy Seal or Special Operations approach. Don’t just barge into something. Think about it, be clever, and then be “aggressively precise.”

How We Think


Active, intense effort and tenacity; a guarantee that we will work on the project until completion, no matter what the time frame.


We’re fun people. Our clients actually like us. A lot. We don’t have big ego’s, this isn’t about us, we don’t seek glory, we seek awesome results and happy clients. And an opportunity for everyone we touch to create meaningful wealth and have success.


We get into, and stay into a good rhythm with clients that is highly engaging, fact and data based, rigorous and thorough, but we’re not needy or high maintenance for them. We want to be high impact, low overhead on their time. We understand that we’re only one part of what clients are dealing with and managing and we want to make our time together really count. If we change course or make key decisions, they’re based on shared views and supported by transparent, meaningful analysis and solid data sets.