About SPMB

SPMB is the most successful technology executive search in California, and one of the top three independent firms in the U.S. We have one metric that supports this claim: we close between 200 and 300 executive searches a year.

Our firm is based in San Francisco, the beating heart of global innovation. 60 people strong, we specialize in recruiting Board and executive level teams for innovators across a number of important established categories including: B2B (SaaS, cloud, infrastructure, security, etc.); B2C (consumer tech, digital mediaCPG/retail, etc.); health tech, new industrials/sustainability, etc.

Our clients range from well-funded, fast growing, VC backed disrupters, all the way to multi-billion dollar public companies. What they all have in common is that they’re passionate about acquiring amazing people, and passionate about innovation. And we’re passionate about helping them succeed!

The SPMB team includes athletes, musicians, coaches, world travelers, parents, community leaders. We work intensely. We play passionately. We deliver results. We spend our workdays figuring out how to shine a light on our clients. We spend our off-hours looking for adventure.

We are SPMB. Let’s go.

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