Executive Search for Consumer Technology

To remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing consumer technology market, recruiting the right executives is key to accelerating growth and driving innovation.

SPMB is one of the only executive search firms that has over 45 years of experience rooted in talent acquisition within the technology sector. We are uniquely positioned to serve today’s consumer technology businesses and their executive leadership needs.

If your organization is looking for top talent to drive innovation across your C-suite, contact us to discuss your executive search needs.

Understanding Both Ends of the Spectrum

At one end of the consumer technology spectrum sits innovative, early-stage growth companies looking to achieve scale and mature from an emerging brand to a household name. On the other end, well-established incumbent corporations seek innovation to stay relevant in a fast-paced market. Both new companies and industry bellwethers demand leadership with exceptional agility, vision, and speed-to-action in order to successfully acquire new customers while retaining and building loyalty among existing customers.

SPMB specializes in serving both ends of the spectrum, and all stages in-between. We are a strategic executive recruiting partner to our clients, often building out their leadership teams across functional areas. We help high-growth companies seeking scale and long-established firms adapt to today’s digital environment. Our firm has a proven track record of helping senior management and governing boards engage and recruit from a dynamic talent pool that can meet their organization’s unique needs today and in the future.

Our Secret Sauce

Our firm sits at a very unique place in the market—at the intersection of scale and innovation. Our early-stage growth clients seek scale. Our large incumbent clients seek innovation.

Large search firms give their clients exposure to executives at large companies. Boutique search firms give their clients access to start-up talent. Given our unique positioning over the past 45 years, we not only offer our clients the best of both of these worlds, but we are also uniquely able to give clients exposure to a third candidate community that sits at the intersection of these two ecosystems. Those are the individuals we find to create the most value for you.

Why Consumer Tech Companies Trust SPMB

SPMB grew up in the technology ecosystem when aggressively and consistently pushing the envelope was the name of the game. The entire ethos of the tech community has always revolved around challenging the status quo, being a disruptor, and changing how businesses and consumers interact with the world. For over 45 years, the team at SPMB has taken this pursuit seriously. In fact, we could not survive in such an environment if we did not have the same mentality as our clients.

Our executive search team has conducted successful searches for Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and many other consumer tech disruptors before they became household names.

SPMB has also worked with established brands such as Disney Streaming, Comcast, Capital One, and Under Armour. We were able to help them with the evolution of their technology, IT, product, data, security, and digital capabilities to remain relevant and stay on the cutting edge of their markets.

Our placements, most of whom had previously been through large, complex growth scenarios, have been instrumental in helping these clients achieve the scale they enjoy today. We specialize in recruiting upper management and board members across all functional areas — including product, engineering, GTM (marketing, sales, customer success), operations, finance, general management, and beyond.

Let’s Get Started

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