Executive Search for Consumer Products, Services, Retail & DTC

The digitization and disruption of recent years have radically transformed the consumer goods landscape into a truly customer-centric environment. Modern consumers expect to buy just about anything online and have it delivered in increasingly shorter time frames. For those companies playing in this space, these demands are pushing organizations to be more innovative, agile, and responsive than ever. Competing successfully requires an executive recruitment strategy that delivers highly qualified talent and leadership.

SPMB brings more than 45 years of experience to every client relationship. As one of the top executive search firms in the country focused on consumer products & services, SPMB has built high-performing leadership teams for fast-growing disruptive organizations, innovative arms of established corporations, and other category-leading companies in between.

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Complexity At Its Finest

While exceedingly high customer expectations sit at the forefront of the consumer market, it is steeped in a complex and turbulent environment. Today’s consumer products firms grapple constantly with supply chain disruption, packaging and sustainability challenges, geo-political issues, and beyond. Such a landscape demands an executive recruitment strategy that can identify exceptional leadership that’s able to face these challenges with flexibility, vision, and speed.

As consumer industries shift with the ebb and flow of fragmentation and consolidation, companies must be constantly evolving and striving for the next level of growth. Every year brings new opportunities and challenges; consumer products and goods firms must constantly transform their leadership teams to ensure they are prepared and well-positioned for the next wave of change.

A Perfect-Fit Strategy

The key to a successful executive recruitment strategy is not necessarily luring the most successful executives of the day away from their posts, but instead, a research-driven quest to find the right candidate for the right company at the right time. It’s a strategy for finding the perfect fit.

Our team starts by understanding your primary business goals and objectives and then finds candidates who have succeeded in those areas for other organizations and even in other completely unrelated industries. This research-driven approach has successfully matched c-level and board-level candidates with consumer product and services companies who need and benefit from them the most.

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To tap into more than four decades of experience in c-suite, board-level executive search, reach out to SPMB today. We’d love for you to join the ranks of our top consumer products clients including Airbnb, Hyatt, and Shutterfly. As a top consumer products executive search firm, we bring a unique mix of experience, research, and relationships to each and every project, working to help you excel in an increasingly competitive marketplace and achieve bottom-line results.