Executive Search for Insurance & InsurTech

The insurance industry is one of the oldest and most established industries in the world. However, with the rise of new technologies, growing market data, and changing consumer demands, the industry has had to adapt quickly to stay relevant. InsurTech has emerged as a major force to improve and modernize the insurance industry — and transform the way insurance companies do business. If you’re seeking best-in-class executives to lead your insurance company, contact SPMB Executive Search today to find the top executive talent your organization needs.

InsurTech — On The Rise With No Sign of Slowing

In recent years, InsurTech has brought significant changes to the insurance industry. From the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess risk and underwrite policies to the development of new digital channels for customer engagement, InsurTech is making insurance more efficient, more accessible, and more personalized. As a result, insurance companies are looking for executives who have deep experience within the technology ecosystem to help their organizations stay relevant and competitive in this new era of insurance.

Here are just a few reasons why we’re excited about helping our clients with their InsurTech executive search:

  • The Insurtech industry has attracted $43 billion in investment since 2016 — with clear winners in the category.
  • B2B InsurTechs, with a recurring revenue model, are still primed for high growth.
  • Winners in the category are driving product innovation, in addition to simply digitizing the experience.
  • New InsurTech categories are emerging like cybersecurity, climate tech, claims tech, etc. which is breathing new life into the insurance sector.

SPMB’s InsurTech Practice

SPMB’s InsurTech executive search practice serves high-growth companies that are leveraging modern technology to improve the world of insurance. We partner with investors and company leadership to recruit transformational executives in go-to-market, general management, engineering, product, and operations in this complex category.

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of the insurance and InsurTech industries, and we leverage this knowledge to identify candidates who have the skills, experience, and vision needed to lead companies in these fast-changing markets. We are committed to helping our clients find the right executives to build and lead high-performing teams.

Let’s Get Started

If you are looking to find the right executive talent to lead your insurance organization in this transformative era, we invite you to get in touch with SPMB Executive Search. Our experienced team of search professionals can help you find the top talent you need to succeed in this market.

Contact our InsurTech Executive Search team today to learn more about our services and how we can add value to your leadership team and investors.