Healthcare Executive Search

Ranked as one of the top healthcare executive search firms in both 2022 and 2023, SPMB is uniquely positioned at the cross section of innovation and scale. Our firm brings more than four decades of deep industry experience building world-class leadership teams for disruptive, growth-oriented startups poised to scale, and world-class corporations ready to innovate.

Every search starts with our number one priority: our clients and their unique needs. SPMB’s healthcare leaders take time to understand your business’s specific challenges and opportunities, and we tailor our recruiting efforts to address your highest-priority initiatives. It’s our goal to deliver the best possible outcomes for your organization through careful research and a transparent, rigorous search process.

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An Industry Facing Seismic Change

The healthcare industry is in the midst of monumental changes. Even before the global pandemic of 2020-21, health-related businesses and organizations were exploring a vast array of technologies to help increase efficiencies and reduce costs. The industry as a whole faced disruption, from consumer-savvy innovators edging their way into healthcare with online, on-demand care to acute-care and wellness services readily available in pharmacies.

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technologies such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring. At the same time, developments in the life sciences, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare industries continue to put pressure on businesses to improve their products and services to serve more patients with higher-quality care at a lower cost.

These changes have forced companies to look for healthcare leaders who can inject a fresh perspective on how to better manage the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that inevitably come from disruptions, reforms, and technology innovations. At the same time, an influx of venture capital funding has fueled hundreds of new digital healthcare companies over the last few years — many of which are now entering a growth phase and working to build entire leadership teams to scale quickly. SPMB can navigate this environment by tapping into our pool of top talent across the healthcare, technology, and consumer industries.

No Room for Error

With such a steep imbalance of demand and supply for top talent, it’s more critical than ever that health-related businesses and organizations understand exactly what they are looking for, adhere to an efficient and streamlined interview process, and have executive alignment when it comes time to negotiate a competitive offer.

The best candidates are being pursued by several organizations with multiple offers at one time. SPMB has leveled up its already consultative approach to provide even more guidance in the early and late stages of the executive search journey. To ensure a successful recruitment process, our search partners work with clients to develop interview processes tailored to their individual recruiting needs. We help our clients make offers that are difficult to refuse by providing them with current market compensation data and candidate expectations.

SPMB brings decades of personal relationships from a wide range of industries to the table, providing clients with the most innovative candidates from both healthcare and non-healthcare ecosystems who are willing to challenge conventional processes. We are able to identify and reach candidates that other executive search firms simply cannot.

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Contact our executive search team today. As one of the top healthcare executive search firms in the U.S., we have partnered with scores of health and wellness industry leaders and innovators like Omada Health, Noom, Fitbit, Color and Collective Health to conduct successful executive searches — and we look forward to helping your organization find the right leadership to drive its future growth.