Executive Search for Health Technology & Wellness

Consumers today are savvier than ever when it comes to technology designed to promote health and wellness. As a result, those companies catering to this market need a unique brand of leadership that draws from both the consumer and technology ecosystems.

With over 45 years of deep industry experience recruiting technology executives, SPMB is the top executive search firm serving the tech industry today. SPMB was also recognized as one of the top health tech search firms in both 2022 and 2023. Our search professionals specialize in building high-performing leadership teams for disruptive, growth-oriented innovators in addition to well-established industry leaders.

Is your company ready to transform the health and wellness industry through cutting-edge technology and top-notch leadership? Contact us today to connect with one of our executive search recruiters who specialize in Health Tech and Wellness.

Unlimited Opportunities

The combination of online medical information, the state of the healthcare system, and a generational shift toward life balance have fundamentally changed the way people view health and wellness. It’s clear that today’s consumer wants more access and control, and the businesses that can innovate products and services to deliver that value proposition will be rewarded.

While investors are poised to provide the necessary funding, both trailblazing health and wellness startups and industry giants face the same challenge: a shrinking talent pool of executive candidates who have the experience and proven track record to successfully capture these opportunities and solve the problems that will inevitably arise.

Today’s top performers have their choice of opportunities with exciting developments in telehealth, on-demand health services, life sciences, remote patient monitoring, digital health, and automation solutions for healthcare. Finding and attracting the right board members, C-suite executives, and functional leadership will be the limiting factor for many organizations pursuing these unlimited opportunities. With our experience in the health and wellness space, SPMB’s dedicated team is able to provide deep domain expertise and knowledge to build high-performing executive leadership teams.

Finding the Perfect Match

The key to successfully finding top talent in such a competitive environment is matching the best opportunities to the right person at the right time. Health and wellness-related businesses must define exactly what they want, execute a streamlined interview process, and understand how to negotiate a competitive offer in this environment.

SPMB’s executive search process starts with understanding the unique business challenges you face and then customizes our research and recruiting efforts to meet your most pressing needs. We work closely with you to create an interview strategy for each specific search and share real-time data regarding compensation, benefits, and unique candidate expectations in crafting the final offer.

Besides employing a tailored, research-intensive, and proven recruiting strategy, the SPMB team shares years of personal relationships across multiple industries. This collaborative philosophy helps surface some of the most innovative candidates ready to challenge traditional approaches from health, wellness, technology, and consumer industries, giving our clients a broad selection even in such a highly competitive space.

Reach Out Today

If you’re ready to open a conversation, we’d love to learn more about your needs. We’re ready to share more than four decades of experience in C-suite and board-level executive search work with your organization. Some of our top innovative health technology and wellness clients include Noom, Color, Pear, Omada Health, FitBit, and Headspace. Our executive search firm is uniquely positioned to help your health and wellness company find the executive leadership it needs.