Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Today, just about every industry is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and how best to harness and implement it. However, SPMB is one of the only executive search firms that has been working in this space before it was even called AI, alongside some of the industry’s greatest visionaries and earliest adopters.

With more than a decade of AI technology executive search experience, our search practitioners help both early-stage AI startups, driving the very latest AI innovations, achieve scale — as well as long-established corporations, leveraging AI to remain relevant, competitive, and profitable, acquire transformational talent.

Moving From Next-Gen Innovation to Table Stakes

AI technology has advanced dramatically over the last five years. As companies move further into the 21st century, getting AI “right” has the potential to help solve organizations’ business problems, increase revenue, decrease costs, and catapult them into market leadership. On the other hand, getting it “wrong” or resisting adoption altogether could erase well-established companies from the business landscape entirely.

AI is no longer a next-gen, nice-to-have pursuit for disruptors; it’s now table stakes for all, which are already high and only increasing each year. Businesses must understand the impact of macro forces driving the sector forward and find a way to identify and attract the new breed of AI leadership that the industry demands.

Finding Executives With Hybrid Expertise

AI is increasingly attractive to both business and technology organizations that are focused on real outcomes and driving efficiencies. Successful AI leaders today must be multi-faceted, multi-disciplined executives that have hybrid expertise across various functional areas. As a result, these executives are a rare breed and highly sought after. For companies to identify and acquire top AI talent, partnering with a skilled search firm like SPMB that has deep domain knowledge and access to the right candidate community is a critical step for success.

The AI talent ecosystem attracts some of the world’s most brilliant minds — including proven entrepreneurs, savvy investors, celebrated professors, and next-gen visionaries — who are architecting the sector and capable of staying ahead of AI’s evolving demands. Because SPMB has been in technology executive search since AI’s inception, our recruiters have long-standing relationships with the most relevant candidates and can draw from an unmatched pool of talent to identify and place the best AI leaders for your business’s unique needs.

Let’s Get Started

For more than 45 years, SPMB has been offering deep domain knowledge and an extensive network of relationships with skilled and innovative candidates across all technology executive search functions. Some of these candidates have moved into the AI/ML space in the past decade, bringing their hybrid experiences to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our executive search firm has worked for nearly a decade with industry leaders like, helping the organization architect its GTM leadership team from C3’s infancy to pre- and post-IPO. Our recruiters have also partnered with some of the most exciting and promising AI startups including Veryfi (real-time data extraction from receipts, invoices, and financial documents), Validere (digitally transforming the oil & gas supply chain to be more sustainable and efficient) and Stovell AI Systems (market-focused machine learning techniques, systems, and algorithms to develop predictive solutions). While these companies and their technologies may not yet be mainstream, we anticipate that changing in the next three to five years.

AI leadership demands a truly consultative approach; we work to find executives that understand and can solve your most significant business challenges through AI. If you’re looking to create exceptional value for your investors and successfully pursue AL/ML innovation and scale through talent acquisition, contact SPMB’s executive search team.