Cybersecurity has become a dominant and consequential issue for companies in recent years. Businesses in the United States that are successfully targeted by ransomware pay an average of $6.3 million per incident, according to a Mimecast survey. In 2019, nearly 40 percent of Fortune 500 corporations did not have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Today, that number is almost zero.

As the only executive search firm with more than 45 years of experience rooted in talent acquisition within the technology sector, SPMB is uniquely and exceptionally positioned to help you identify and attract top talent within the security ecosystem. Based on our proven track-record, today we are considered one of the country’s top cybersecurity executive search firms.

An Evolving Landscape

Cybersecurity is no longer an issue for established companies only. Businesses across all growth stages are seeking a Chief Information Security Officer. In doing so, they are competing for a limited pool of qualified security leaders.

To further intensify the competition for top talent, the Security and Exchange Commission recently proposed new cybersecurity disclosure rules for public companies that emphasize the importance of cybersecurity expertise and inclusion on today’s boards.

The role of a security executive has evolved dramatically over time. It’s no longer a function that’s multiple levels removed from a CEO. Instead, CISOs have a critical seat at the table and in some cases report directly to a CEO. Today’s most sought-after security candidates must have a breadth of expertise that transcends technical knowledge. They must be able to:

  • define a security strategy,
  • secure funding,
  • execute a plan,
  • articulate results to the board,
  • all while supporting critical business functions across the organization.

They must also understand and influence all stages of product development, and support sales and marketing, legal and finance, and how these functional areas interact with and impact a company’s broader cybersecurity strategy.

The best security leaders know how to mitigate risk while responding rapidly and decisively when a breach occurs. They can:

  • communicate to drive action without creating a panic,
  • build a positive culture around security throughout the organization,
  • and combine passion and discipline to effectively lead the company through dangerous times.

Specialized Search Expertise

Finding the right Chief Information Security Officer for your company requires specialized search experience, given the extraordinary nature of the position and how security permeates every aspect of a business.

As one of Hunt Scanlon’s top 40 cybersecurity executive search firms for the last two years, SPMB has nearly five decades of experience in the technology trenches, giving our team a foundation that very few executive search firms can rival. Our recruiters conduct bespoke research and leverage a comprehensive company-wide candidate database, spanning years of relationship-building across scores of industries to find the candidates who are best equipped to address your organization’s present-day challenges.

Let’s Get Started

Our deep domain knowledge and extensive network of relationships allow us to deliver an unmatched experience. Our clients trust us to find the leaders they need to successfully navigate today’s ever-changing technology and security landscape — and they’ve done so for more than four decades.

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