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  Whether you’re a seasoned executive at a Fortune 500 company adding to your management team or a first-time founder and CEO making a critical leadership hire for your startup, there are common mistakes that can derail the recruiting process. As a Client Partner at SPMB, one of the...

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  Before kicking off a new executive search, there is a long list of considerations to evaluate in order to achieve an efficient recruiting process that ultimately yields a successful hire. The principal considerations that are top of mind among my clients are:  Choosing the right search partner or...

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Companies across industries have realized that data is their greatest asset. In an ever-growing digital society, a company that can harness its data is far better equipped to drive stronger business decisions, increase revenue, and maintain a competitive advantage. Some industries, like financial services and healthcare, have assimilated to...

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It’s hard to believe that the customer success (CS) function barely existed a few years ago, when today its interest and distinction within SaaS companies and beyond is seen as critical to market success. We can clearly see the steadily increasing interest in “customer success” over the last five...

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Like many couples living and working from home together during the COVID-19 shelter in place order, Laurent Parmentier and I have noticed that work and home life have blended together more than ever before. I’ve taken advantage of having a “shelter-in-place buddy” in the VC world to ask him...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped every aspect of our society. The aftermath will include numerous lives lost and lasting economic damage, but also permanent social changes. If you are an executive still building your team or someone who is now looking at new job opportunities, you might be asking...

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